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Live at the First Avenue This webcast is brought to you by DCN, the Digital Club Network. I did a little research and found out a way for you to watch the video without actually having to create a DCN account and suffer through hundreds of ads. Just don't tell them. At this show, October 17, 2001, Shiner played The Egg straight through, excluding Spook the Herd (time constraits forced them to leave it out).   47:05 n/a

Live at Maxwell's This is another DCN webcast, coming to you from Hoboken, New Jersey. The show took place on September 14, 2000. The setlist was as follows: Unglued, Play Dead, Glass Jaw Test, Jim's Lament, Stoned, Kevin is Gone, Lazy Eye, Third Gear Scratch, The Situationist, Cake, and Starless.   47:38 n/a

Live at Brownies Yet another DCN webcast, this one took place at Brownie's in New York on September 13, 2000. The setlist for this show was Unglued, Jim's Lament, Glass Jaw Test, Lula, Kevin Is Gone, Pinned, Surgery, Giant's Chair, Sleep It Off, Cake, and Starless. Wish I was there.   47:58 n/a

Live at Brownies (2) Shiner revisits Brownies, this time on October 23, 2001. They played The Egg straight through, then did a pseudo-encore of Third Gear Scratch and Unglued.   1:01:05 n/a

Live at First Avenue (2) This is a different video of the same show at First Avenue, October 17, 2001. This one is courtesy of, but clicking the link will bypass all the ads and take you directly to the video.   n/a 46:19

Live in Chicago Filmed on November 18, 1999, this video beings with Allen playing an unknown songby himself, and they break into Semper Fi and the rest of their set. While the video itself is really cool, don't expect great quality from   59:34 n/a

Live in Chicago (2) Another Chicago show, this one took place on June 1, 2000. The show opened with Lula and went on for another 45 minutes or so. Quite a show. Once again though, bear in mind that it's a Supersphere feed, so the quality/connection might tend to drag.   55:04 n/a

Live at the Empty Bottle Live at the Empty Bottle in Chicago, April 23rd, 1998. Features the impecible drum styles of Tim Dow. Set list: Fetch a Switch, Jim's Lament, Christ Sized Shoes, Half Empty, Sleep it off, Spinning, HeShe, Two Black Eyes, My Life as a Housewife, the Situationist, Cake, Brooks, Third Gear Scratch, Released.   1:10:59 n/a

Live at the Bottleneck October 15, 2001. One of the digital club network shows.   48:57 n/a

Live at the Metro October 10, 2001. A Digital club network video.   51:25 n/a

Live at the Bottleneck (2) October 19, 2002. digital club network video.   n/a n/a

Kevin Is Gone The official music video for Kevin Is Gone, the third track on Starless. This video was directed by Jeff Brown, who was the original drummer for Shiner when Allen formed the band in 1992.   4:18 13.1 MB

Christ Sized Shoes Shiner's first music video, shot April 30, 1997 for the second song on Lula Divinia. The video was done Ohio Girl (most likely Andy Mueller), who has done much artwork for Shiner and other bands like Hum.   3:01 6.3 MB

Mathrock Shiner: Behind the Music. A little inside look at the making of the Egg, set to the sounds of Andalusia. It's also a good look at Matt Talbot's Great Western Recording Studio.   0:44 4.2 MB

Pills A pseudo-music video clip of 'Pills.' I can just picture Josh putting this together on a Mac somewhere.   0:32 860 KB
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