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UPDATED 09-15-2005 07:34:12
aight, the board has been moved to a different url, with a standard http user authorization in place (one user/pass). just go to . when the time comes, you'll know what to do.

UPDATED 12-24-2004 00:09:09
added 'from gold to cold,' by the life and times. thanks once again to darshun. when he's done uploading the egg live, i'll post that as well. also, i plan on finishing what i started at, so look for updates in the next month or two.

UPDATED 12-22-2004 22:12:32
I just finished uploading and sorting mp3s of The Industry, a band formed by Allen Epley and Jeff Brown in their college days. The album, entitled 'My Mind', features 11 songs written by both Allen and Jeff. Thanks to Darshun and Brett for their time, temporary hosting, and just being all-around neat guys.

UPDATED 05-04-2004 16:18:18
added an unreleased demo entitled 'trust no one' to the audio section. it's in the unreleased category. check it out.

UPDATED 02-12-2004 20:49:17
updated the message board a little and added some new features. now you can see who's online by click the number at the bottom or by looking below the links on the left side. the message board now displays ip addresses and physical locations for each post. the certainty of each physical location is in parentheses (e.g., 99% certain).

UPDATED 05-04-2003 20:38:42
sorry about the downtime. there was a little dispute with network solutions. in short, they suck, and i'm using a better company now. the site should be up and running for at least another year.

UPDATED 02-11-2003 15:11:19
Added piano tabs for Dirty Jazz and I'll Leave Without You. I did them myself, and I'm not very good at this sort of thing at all, so please don't hate me if they're hard to follow. Let me know if you have any revisions.

UPDATED 02-05-2003 13:58:33
Got my copy of the Grand Theft Autumn compilation today. Know what the first thing I did was? That's right...make a nice little mp3 out of "Only Shallow." It's in the audio section. Enjoy.

UPDATED 01-30-2003 18:40:53
Shiner's Grand Finale show is now available on this site in mp3 format courtesy of master Brett Wilms. Make sure you all get a chance to thank him. For some reason, my handy dandy ID3 script isn't displaying the song lengths properly, but no matter. I can figure that out later. For now, just enjoy. Let's hope my hosting company is nice and doesn't notice the amount of bandwidth this will probably take up. Maybe if I'm lucky, they're all Shiner fans too. Also, I plan to redo a final time, to fit the current Shiner status. It'll be cool. I promise.

UPDATED 11-07-2002 13:14:39
Just added Brett's recording of the Nov. 2 show in Cleveland. I had a chance to listen and it sounded like quite an event. Also, sorry for the lack of updates and what's keeping me busy. Hopefully I'll have more time to dedicate to thirdgear in the near future.

UPDATED 08-22-2002 17:28:24
added the lyrics for Dirty Jazz / I'll Leave Without You, courtesy of Brett Wilms and Shiner. Check them out. also, i'll be adding more tour information pretty soon.

UPDATED 07-25-2002 01:31:38
Overhauled the audio section today. Tons of mp3s are now available right on this site, and of course, your submissions are always welcome and appreciated. I plan on making a bunch of other minor and not so minor updates over the next week or so. Hopefully I can keep this site going as it should be.

UPDATED 05-27-2002 14:39:16
I'll be adding a live Shiner recording from st. louis, thanks to jeff. look for it sometime this week.

UPDATED 05-11-2002 13:09:03
The site is now back online finally. I'm updating everything as quickly as possible, and this new hosting company will allow me to put up some new stuff. First on the agenda is clips from all the albums. I'll be adding 30 second mp3s for all the albums. Full length mp3s for all the singles, 7", etc., will still be available on the audio page. Let me know if you have mp3s to contribute.

UPDATED 02-28-2002 01:46:56
this is just a pre-update to let people know that march is the big update time. confirm lyrics for the egg, complete tour info, japanese release details, tablatures, and more are all in store for those who wait just a few days longer. thanks.

UPDATED 01-01-2002 16:26:38
Sort of a delayed update... I added some random items to the page, including an old live video featuring Tim Dow. It's an awesome setlist, and includes the unreleased "Two Black Eyes." Also, there are many more tabs available and even more in production, so check back for those (special thanks to Dave).

UPDATED 12-03-2001 00:10:03
Added tab files for the Truth About Cows and Surgery, put together by our good friend Matt Armstrong. He's got more on the way, so check back. Thanks Matt.

UPDATED 11-30-2001 14:19:45
Just finished scanning and putting up the merchandise section, which contains pictures of various shiner shirts/stickers that have been available. There's also a really informative Shiner interview that was brought to my attention by Jarek. Definitely worth a read. Also, I updated one of the desktop backgrounds at Alan T's request.

UPDATED 11-24-2001 21:59:06
I added a desktop background of my own, and hopefully will be adding more soon. I also got a new scanner today and have been going a little crazy, so expect random scanned Shiner things, beginning with a new cover and reverse cover scan for the Farewell Bend Merger.

UPDATED 11-15-2001 22:19:31
I just finished uploading an unreleased song entitled, "Two Black Eyes." It was recorded a little after Lula Divinia was released, along with Spinning and others. I also added another desktop background which Alan Takaoka made, available in the desktop items section.

UPDATED 11-14-2001 13:37:41
I put up the desktop section, which now features a few fan-made desktop backgrounds in various sizes for your downloading enjoyment. I'll be adding more of these soon. I also put up 3 new live videos, which I was able to get through (minus the ads).

UPDATED 11-10-2001 16:03:46
I added a section of the site called 'shiner mail', which allows any user to get a thirdgearscratch email address or forwarding address. Click on the link in the upper right hand corner for more info and to sign up.

UPDATED 11-08-2001 16:50:08
I put up the links section today, but I haven't really put up too many links yet. I added an area for visitors to add their own links, whether they're for shiner or their own bands. Please go ahead and add any links that you think might be appropriate.

UPDATED 11-06-2001 21:42:46
I just finished putting up the audio section. Feel free to download whatever you see. Everything I have in the way of Shiner mp3 is up there, so if you have something I don't, please send it to me and I'll be sure to add it.

UPDATED 11-05-2001 22:12:49
I just finished updating the European tour dates as best as possible. I had a hard enough time trying to translate some of the sites I was at, and getting info about the venues was even harder. However, most of the venue location/contact information is available. I'll be updating these dates some more as information becomes available, but in the meantime, check your local newspapers and other publications for event listings.

UPDATED 11-04-2001 00:40:04
I finished the video section today and updated one or two song lyrics. I'm going to be working on the European tour dates some more, and get some venue info and what not. Also, I think I might talk to Wick about having the message board mirrored on my site some how. It's pretty clear that people only post over there anyway. Let me know what you think.

UPDATED 10-25-2001 16:05:13
The message board is now fully functional. All visitors to are invited to post their thoughts, comments, opinions, questions, and what not to the board. Feel free to discuss whatever you'd like, but it's always nice to have a Shiner related topic too. Thanks.

UPDATED 10-23-2001 01:24:37
The new site is now online. Certain things are still being worked on, but for the most part it's all finished. Please send any comments, suggestions, questions, contributions, and anything else to me. I'd really like this site to be as complete and comprehensive as possible, so your input is appreciated.

UPDATED 10-18-2001 22:22:52
I added most of the lyrics for The Egg today, but much is still missing/incomplete or possibly incorrect. I'm open to suggestion, and of course, tablatures for the Egg (or any Shiner song for that matter), are also appreciated.

UPDATED 10-05-2001 12:20:06
New site is being developed with lots of cool stuff and Shiner related junk. Please send anything everything you have that might help the site out, I'll give credit where it's due.

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