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The following is a growing archive of random Shiner related articles and publications. Most of these are from the Internet, but some are from local papers and what not. If you would like to contribute an article that you have or saw somewhere, please let me know.

  AMG Biography by Mike DaRonco
  From All Music Guide, date unknown
  Untitled Biography by Unknown
  From HitIt! Recordings, date unknown
  Untitled Biography by Unknown
  From O&O Records, date unknown
  Untitled Biography by
  From Epitonic, date unknown

Album Reviews
  "Lula Divina" Review by Mark Wieman
  From Pillowfight, Feb:04-2000
  "Lula Divinia" Review by Keith Werwa
  From Number 2, date unknown
  "Splay" Review by Roy Christopher
  From Pillowfight, date unknown
  "Splay" Review by
  From CMJ Music Report, date unknown
  "Starless" Review by
  From, date unknown
  "Starless" Review by Marcel Feldmar
  From Ink19, Jan:20-2009
  "Starless" Review by Fat Bastard Andy
  From Alarm, date unknown
  "Starless" Review by Ron Davies
  From Splendid Zine, date unknown
  "Starless" Review by Jessica Hopper
  From Hit It or Quit It, date unknown
  An interview by Keith Montesano by Keith Montesano
  From HeldLikeSound, date unknown
  An Interview With by
  From, Sep:15-2000
  Interview with Allen Epley by Fat Bastard Andy
  From Alarm, date unknown
  Shiner Back by J.J. Hensley
  From PitchWeekly Online, Oct:26-2000

Show Reviews
  Shiner and Hollis - Davey's Uptown by Mark Cuthbertson
  From The Zone, Feb:25-2000
  Shiner at El Torreon by Jon Niccum
  From PitchWeekly Online, Mar:31-2000
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